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stand up COMEDIAN

Australia's favourite 41-and-a-half-year-old Māori, immigrant, mixed-race, pansexual, adopted, multi-neurodivergent, disabled, chronically ill, ex-religious, uncircumcised, genetically mutant, failed vegetarian, child-free, blue-haired cisgender male comic...


...until proven otherwise.

Past Work

full recording coming soon

Featured at Sydney Fringe 2023, Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2024 and Sydney Comedy Festival 2024

Introducing the "Divergimon" neurodiversity card collection as seen on ABC News

Winner “Accessible Arts Access Award”, Sydney Fringe 2023

Nominated “Best in Comedy”, Sydney Fringe 2023


Autistic ADHD pansexual JD Zamora has a "Fear Of Missing Out" on being, trying—and above all, doing—the whole buffet of life's options. Blessed with an insatiable appetite for ALL the things, "too much" is never quite enough for this Māori, mixed-race, multilingual, queer, adopted, immigrant, neurodivergent, disabled, ex-religious, geriatric millennial country boy.


Join the "ultimate diversity hire" with more intersections than a major highway junction as he muses upon the merits of membership within the majority of minorities in this magnificently madcap multimedia mélange.


And save space for a satisfying smorgasbord of sticky subjects, salty satire, and spicy social commentary in this life-affirming comedy experience for the weird and the weird-at-heart alike; a celebration of the outsider inside us all.

"Neurodivergent, brain-bending subversion—a comedic powerhouse!" - Tim Ferguson, Doug Anthony All Stars

The logo for JD Zamora's YouTube channel, Jason's Tasty Places, embossed on paper
The poster for JD Zamora's 2019 solo show, Rock Superstar
The poster for JD Zamora's 2018 solo show, How Not to Become a Youtube Sensation

Mind the Autism Podcast 14 Dec 2023

About JD

                                was Earth's peak era. Scientific advancements had finally solved Mr. Pac Man's hunger for a Ms., while thirsty human ladies welcomed fat-free, carcinogenic Diet Coke, resulting in a widespread sense of contentment—freshly communicable via the thrilling advent of emoticons :-)). Meanwhile, mere rollerblading distance from the posthumously dedicated John Cleese garbage dump in smalltown Palmerston North, Aotearoa NZ, a large-headed baby was forceps-delivered one October morning to a nervous pair of Māori 14-year-olds for whom abstinence-only sex education had proven highly ineffective.

Spared from a childhood of entertaining tourists at the local orphanarium, the freshly-adopted 8-week-old infant Jason "JD" Robert Louise H. Dixon Zamora played the iconic role of pre-crucified divine sprog "Baby" Jesus H. Christ in a Salvation Army Christmas pageant to rapturous reviews—despite an unfortunate bout of mid-performance reflux, and already being two months too old for the role. Deeply transformed by the gravity of portraying humanity's Saviour while burping up formula in a makeshift feed trough, JD has called the stage his home ever since. Not the same stage, mind you, but lots of different ones in various locations.

An 80s retro mall portrait of JD Zamora with neon lights in the background
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